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Client Experiences

Testimonial from Jauhara
Testimonial from JP
Testimonial from Belle
Testimonial from Abdul.
Testimonial from Anna
Testimonial from Kuamran
Testimonial from Nancy
Testimonial from Mark

"Iain Stewart is an internationally renowned property entrepreneur who sources interesting and innovatively financed property deals across the world. 
He is very helpful and obliging and the most knowledgeable person I know

on property investment.

I've known Iain for several years and have attended his highly acclaimed training course. He is the most knowledgeable property entrepreneur I know - he consistently comes up with good value deals which have an attractive angle e.g. very high yielding or financially structured in an innovative way i.e. one can buy without mortgage. His training course is worth attending, even if you are not planning to get into property business or full time investing. Iain hits the spot for intelligent property investing. I have always found him to be friendly and

professional to deal with."

Patrick Mahdi O'Neill in Dubai

"When it comes to matters of property investment and international property opportunities, Iain is definitely THE man to call. His global contacts in the property industry are second to none, as his his knowledge of the various investment schemes, strategies and opportunities available to both buyers and sellers alike. Extremely professional, responsive and collaborative to work with, Iain has brought me great results with my properties and is an excellent person to know and do business with."

Rob Brown in the UK

"20 plus years in real estate and I can tell you Iain is the real deal. International real estate is his game and I have been swearing by him for almost a decade. He makes everything we do fun, too!"

Jasmine Willois in the United States

"I was fortunate enough to make contact with Iain via the internet after seeing an amazing deal in Goa. I was very interested in how he was selling properties as it made such good sense. 

It just so happened that I had a large villa in Marbella ran as a business that needed the right buyer. I had been trying to sell it for a while without any success due to the agents who either wanted to give it away or advertise it so it just sits there without any viewings!

I had a chat with Iain who explained to me exactly how the market was he didn't bullshit me or mislead me he just offered good sound advice and clearly understood that it would appeal to a certain client. I agreed for him to go ahead...the next day he called me to say that he had interest from one of his contacts who bought property all over the world he then rang me again the following day to say it was SOLD!

I was amazed at how he found the right buyer in such a short time but he knew exactly what the property had to offer from his knowledge of the market in Marbella. 

He had also been extremely helpful in talking to my bank reassuring them that the property had been sold, he also kept me updated at all times regarding the sell. I was also in contact with his lawyers who managed to source all the necessary documents needed, as I am based overseas this took a huge amount of pressure off me during this time as I was unable to assist. This however was not a problem due to the efficiency of Iain and his colleagues. 

I will be recommending Iain to anyone who wishes to sell their home or business as this is the way to go. I hope that other people get the opportunity to benefit from this as its a great way forward for both buyer and seller."

Ann Taylor in Spain

"Prior to dealing with Iain Stewart I had no experience in property investment overseas. With his guidance I purchased my first property in Dubai with minimal fuss and, following impressive capital growth on this investment, added a property in Cape Town and a further property in the UAE to my portfolio. 

I have always found Iain easy to contact and his response has always been very prompt, even though he and I have been on different time zones. 

His knowledge in the Middle East market in particular is very good and he has provided me with some useful and reliable contacts in financial services. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Iain Stewart to any property investor, whether just starting out or with prior experience."

Ian Grant in Australia

"Hi Iain, From the first time I was put in touch with you, your service

has been amazing!!!

We met for the first time on Monday 2 June when you came and took photographs and a video of my property and around 36 hours later you called to say you had SOLD

my property!

If I had gone with anyone else the property would have been on the

market for months. 

You are very professional and the service....can't find words to describe it!!!

If anyone is looking to sell their property look no further than Iain Stewart."

Wilma Ramsey in the UK

"Iain is a consummate pro when it comes to the property game. He's got a raw, no nonsense approach, he always knows his numbers and due diligences every deal before offering to investors. Iain's depth and breadth of experience is virtually unparalleled in this industry and is underpinned by his 20 years plus in the business, I'd recommend anyone looking for passive property derived income either at home or abroad to talk with Iain beforehand."

Steve Q in the UK

"I have known Iain Stewart for about 6 years. His firm has marketed investment properties for me internationally.When I say marketed, I don't mean that he just added our properties to a mailing list or website. Iain is highly educated in real estate and experienced in investments. He will not take on offerings that he has not personally vetted for their credibility and potential returns. From the other side of the "desk", he also knows his investor clients and their criteria for investing. This adds up to intelligent deal matching, global reach and personalized service. "What more could anyone ask for." I highly recommend Iain and his company to anyone considering an international marketing partner."

Daryl Chambers in the United States

"I had the pleasure of dealing with Iain for many years while I was located in Dubai. I was heading up the sales function at several developers, and Iain was one of our VIP International Real Estate Agents. I always found Iain to be a client centric, highly knowledgeable, hard working individual with an unfaltering level of integrity and honesty. I would recommend Iain to anyone requiring a property service, especially when you are purchasing in a foreign country. I have had first hand experience of working with Iain, and watching the lengths he goes to to ensure a seamless and trouble free property purchase for his clients - if only all real estate agents were like Iain - the property world would be a much better place!"

Wayne Holder in the United States

"Iain is one of the most successful and experienced people I have worked with to sell our properties here in the United States to international buyers. We have worked with Iain for many years and will continue to for years to come!"

John Cadden in the United States

"Iain is an excellent teacher and fabulous mentor. His knowledge and experience of the international property market is second to none and it has been fantastic learning from him. If you're interested in learning the art of international property dealing then Iain is definitely the man you need to speak to regarding your training."

Mark Dunsmore in the UK

"I strongly recommend Iain Stewart's Property Bootcamp Course. I've been personally involved in so many courses and property seminars where people called themselves 'Gurus' and asking huge amounts of money to invest into the course itself, and I always ended up on up-sells after them. So in the beginning, I was expecting the same, but for the first time, surprisingly, this was not the case. The course is full of information thanks to Iain's knowledge and experience and I had never met someone with such integrity, honesty and transparency. If you really want to invest in something worth you're time, I would absolutely say that for the kind of information shared to us, it was a bargain and the best investment that I have ever made so far."

Anna Ingangi in the United Kingdom

"Iain has a wide knowledge of and enthusiasm for the property market in Scotland and many places beyond. He is a problem-solver and able to provide both opportunities and practical solutions for his many clients worldwide."

Austin Lafferty in the UK

"Worked on a couple of deals now with Iain. Very upfront, honest and professional. Will definitely work together again in the future and highly recommend him to anyone thinking about using his services."

Vincent Stirrat in the UK

"Iain always delivers great Investment Property."

Edward Snell in the UK

"Iain worked with us to source a particular investment property in Germany that his client had been looking for. We produced a suitable property that met the specifications of his clients request, at his clients budget. Iain is an excellent communicator, who ensures that his clients get what they require, we would certainly work with him again (And certainly intend to), and would have no hesitation in recommending him as a trusted contact to do business with."

Aaron Sneddon in the UK

"When it comes to international real estate Iain is your man, a wealth of experience & has his finger on the pulse."

Eric Smith-Hutchon in the UK

"If you are looking for any real estates, real deal Iain is the Right guy. Best places he got all over."

Javid Merchant in the UK

"Iain is professional, understanding and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with."

Helen Niphakis in Canada

"Amazing Professional! Iain made sale of my property easier than you could imagine, fair price and instant personal contact when needed. Thank you"

Velizar Rumenov in the UK

"Iain has a vast and in depth knowledge of property both home and abroad. His contacts are second to none. Always finds a good yield bargain for the investor and has plenty of opportunities in his website."

Paul Harris in the UK

"Experienced guy with 20+ years experience in the game."

Brent Whiley in the UK

"Iain’s A-Z service was fantastic. 8 years later, Iain is still always available for Q&A. I certainly will purchase more international real estate from Iain in the future."

Neil Gallacher in Montenegro

"I started real estate business through Iain Stewart in the U.K around 2010. He has been extremely helpful in making sure I understand all the necessary things needed to be successful in the real estate world. Iain is very professional in his approach and has helped many real estate investors to accumulate both cash flowing properties and luxury homes for holidays all across the globe. I strongly recommend him for your real estate purchases or sales."

Rafiu Ganiyu in Nigeria

"I have worked with Iain in assisting his international real estate clients in the Orlando Florida area for roughly 2 years. He works extremely hard to find the right properties for his clients and is very diligent in seeing the transactions through to completion. I have found him to be extremely forthright in his dealings with me, always concerned about the best interests of his clients. I would certainly recommend him to anyone in need of his services."

Steven Weiss in the United States

"Iain has a wealth of experience in the international real estate market. He has a unique ability to source out properties across the globe. His style is quite unique. He is transparent, open and down to earth in dealing with clients (judging from personal experience)."

Abdul Towolawi in the UK

"Iain Stewart is a model founder. 

He is in the business for years now. I am personally inspired."

Kavoos Mobaraki in Dubai

"Iain is one of the best property specialist which I was working. His knowledge about real estate market across many countries is huge and he is always ready to help any aspect of it. Im more then happy to recommend Iain to anybody who is looking for property investments deals."

Paul Lajszczak in the UK

"I had given up all hope of ever selling my villa in Thailand although it was lovely. But Iain was recommended to me and firstly he advised me (wisely as it turned out) and then more importantly found me a good buyer. We are now in the final stages of selling and my thanks go out to Iain because without his help it simply would not have happened."

Dave Ford in the UK

"Iain is a top guy to work with. I'm currently working with him on a project. He is very helpful and doesn't withhold any information. I would certainly recommend anyone who wishes to learn about property sourcing deals to get in touch with him."

Idris Zia in the UK

"I just bought my beautiful apartment in Turkey. I highly recommend this company, the service and sale was very quick and easy. I would definitely buy more properties from Iain in the coming future .

Thank you Iain."

Nasima Miah in the UK

"Iain is a very knowledgeable and approachable guy, with a far reaching network and extensive experience in property worldwide. Whether you are new to the concept or already have a portfolio, I can recommend Iain as a 'go to' guy who can assist you with your requirements."

Mark Eastwood in the UK

"I have found Iain to be very reliable and helpful, and he knows property inside out. I am currently doing a couple of lease options with him, and will definitely continue to deal with him in the future."

Carole Cooney in the UK

"I know Iain since back 2007 trough the purchase on property in Dubai .Since then we are still in contact from time to time in different property dealings. Always Iain has listened on my requests and cooperated either giving me advice and helping me further finding solutions on my property dealings, for that I am very grateful on his time dedicated to me. Would recommend Iain as professional dedicated to give his services in his area of expertise with his best intentions for finding a solution."

Lidija Stefanovski in Australia

"I have attended a property bootcamp ran by Iain. I found him very experienced and the information he shared is valuable in this field. He has a thorough and broad subject matter expertise not only in the UK property market, but also properties abroad, specifically in the U.S. and UAE which I found very informative. 

I will be using Iain's service and expertise whilst building up my property portfolios and would highly recommend his service to anyone."

Ryan Rayman in the UK

"Purchasing our apartment in Florida was our second property transaction, since we first made contact last year. Iain Stewart has been helpful at every turn, the legal process and details have all played out as the original information stated, and when necessary he has aided in the contact between third parties. 

We have been very pleased and would wholeheartedly recommend Iain Stewart as a trustworthy and reputable agent when considering property purchases, both abroad and in the UK. It is vitally important to have someone you can trust when considering investing in property abroad."

Simon Henwood in the UK

"Iain Stewart is an invaluable partner for investors on two fronts. Iain is extremely generous with his guidance, advise and insight, regardless of an investor's experience or level of resource. At the same time, Iain's presence in the marketplace (both above and below the radar) means he's able to offer a never ending flow of interesting opportunities, at all investment levels, in all property types and all over the world."

Laurence Blume in the UK

"Buying a property locally usually is a very stressful and mentally draining ordeal. When you do it overseas you expect it to be worse. However my experience in general, and specifically with Iain Stewart has been nothing short of pleasurable. Iain has answered every question I had, called him every time I asked him to, even if he had to stay late, to make sure I get my sleep, and provided direct contact between me and the developer, and he did all this with such manners and respect. I have spread the word to all of my friends to contact him for any real estate needs. I thank him so much and am considering buying another property from him, I will not consider anybody else. I am truly impressed."

Dr Ramsey Clor in the United States

"Every time I consider buying a property the first person I talk to is Iain Stewart, I recommend him to all of my footballer friends."

Andy Marshall in the UK

"Thank you once again for organising a buyer for my property. 

It is a pleasure to deal with you and I am impressed with the speed and efficiency with which you manage everything.

On both occasions you found numerous buyers within a couple of days and documents were exchanged within a week. 

Whatever problems arose (which were on the buyers side) you dealt with quickly and ensured all ended well. 

The best recommendation I can give is to say that I would never use anyone else to buy or sell a property. I would come straight to you."

David Sodey in the UK

"Your services along with the variety and quality of properties offered are outstanding, especially in Dubai and the UAE where I'm most particularly interested. 

Communication is instant, substantial...and very much appreciated. 

I'm sure I'll be purchasing something from you very soon!"

Gene in the United States

"I have dealt with Iain for buying and selling of property. It has been a pleasure dealing with Iain. I was always kept up to date on all of the offers which I got for my properties. 

Iain takes a personal involvement in not just selling the property but giving you sound advise on how the market is doing. 

I would strongly recommend Iain Stewart for his good dealing with the clients and the time and efforts which he spends for clients."

Shujha Masood in Australia

"I have bought a couple of properties through Iain. It was a painless and smooth transaction. 

All correspondence was done through email, fax and regular email. 

I would definitely recommend Iain to you. He is very professional and answers my email very quickly. He also recommends if the property is a good deal or not. But so far he has only sent excellent deals. 

You won't be disappointed by his above and beyond customer service and respectful service."

Faruk in the UK

"In the course of investigating the long term prospects for the real estate market in Dubai, I had the pleasure to speak with Iain Stewart. 

He came across as a straight-forward, sympathetic and very resourceful fellow. 

He does a terrific job at finding the latest availabilities with updated prices, something not prevalent in the industry. 

It is without hesitation that I can recommend his services."

Mohammed Abdoh in Dubai

"I’ve known and worked with Iain now for over 15 years and have always found him to be very professional. He has an in-depth knowledge of property and sales and is well worth connecting with for international property sales. Looking forward to the next 15 (and more) years Iain."

Gary Hall in the UK

"Iain brings to the table great international and UK property deals, packaged in ways that finance is not always necessary. I am purchasing a great buy to let cash flow deal in Scotland. Good referral to a Scottish solicitors at a special rate.Communication has been excellent and Iain always quick to respond to all enquires. This is crucial when working with Sourcers. Looking to working on more desks in the future."

Mark Morris in the UK

"Professional services in the international property market, fast and secure transactions. Thank you!"

Ozer Tuncay in Turkey

"I know Iain as a very professional real estate international expert who is doing his job from heart and helping people to find their homes. Appreciated his honesty and his efforts that he put to achieve best results!"

Alona Hlybianska in Dubai

"I have known and worked with Iain Stewart for several years now.
He has proved on many occasions to be completely trustworthy
as well as very professional. He is the "go to person" for international
properties both traditionally and creatively."

Victor Ruhle in Spain

"An impeccable provider of property services Iain has over the last 4 years facilitated the purchase of properties various countries. He has made the requisite recommendations to realtors, attorneys, accountants, properties and of course properties and allowed for ease of purchase. He has remained available, offering advice on opportunities and options. Iain comes highly recommended and with no hesitation I happily extend similar recommendation to any and all. An impeccable property agent."

Verrol Tomlinson in the UK

"Iain is an excellent solution finder, he always has the right fit for your investments. Easy to deal with and extremely professional."

Tony Dominguez in Spain

"Ian is one of the best agents that I worked with in UK.
Very professional, organized and will never let his client down."

Ziad Oweiss in Dubai

"I sold a property in Glasgow last year with Iain - it was easy, fast and I got a good price for it. Iain is a good man and tried to negotiate the price up: initially it was not achieved but in 2 weeks later a buyer snapped the flat up. And the solicitors were speedy. I recommend Iain!"

Tim Curtis in the UK

"I have recently dealt with Iain regards a property I own and he has brokered what is a great deal for me and the investor and although at first I was a little skeptical my concerns were ill founded and he has really helped me out of a tight spot, kept exactly to his word and has communicated very well. I would be happy to go back to him repeatedly for any sort of property investment advice. Thanks Iain great Job hope you get plenty more happy clients and investors!"

Gary Davenport in the UK

"I worked together with Iain on various files concerning Italian real estate investments, he always proved himself to be very professional and reliable."

Giandomenico De Tullio in Italy

"Iain is brilliant and passionate in the property business. A straight shooter. Always willing to help."

Isaiah Arawole in the UK

"Iain is a professional in his work, 100% recommended."

Cecilio Sanchez in Spain

I have worked with Iain over the last few years using his unique knowledge and expertise in the property market. We acquired properties in Spain and Sardinia with him. He is an expert in the field would always go to Iain for property acquisition for our property portfolio

Clive Jukes in the UK

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