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  • Iain Stewart

How to Sell Your House Fast!

They say that selling a house is one of the most stressful things in life however it doesn't have to be.

How to sell your house fast

There is an art to selling a house fast and there are strategies that you can use to generate more interest from potential home buyers.

Thankfully it is simple and not rocket science so don't panic!

I've put together some tips and pointers to show you how to sell your house quicker from marketing it yourself to working with agents.

Some of the suggestions might be obvious while others you might be a little surprised by:


Use Property Classifieds and Social Media

Let everyone know about the home for sale!

The quickest way to sell a house is to get it in front of as many potential home buyers and property investors as you can.

That means listing it everywhere that there are prospective buyers, the more people you get the property in front of the more likely you will sell your home fast.

If you want to market the property yourself as a private sale then classified sites like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and eBay all have huge audiences for home buyers where

How to sell your house fast

you can list your home for sale. Most countries have popular classified adverts sites so make sure wherever your property is located to promote it on the 'Homes For Sale' section.

Social media is becoming a more and more popular way to sell your home fast.

Join relevant groups on Facebook where the members consist of home buyers and property investors, posting in these groups will let you reach out to thousands of potential buyers. Most town's cities and countries have Facebook groups that are dedicated to property that have been set up by local property investors and it doesn't cost you a dime to post there.

The great thing about the groups is that the members network with other property investors so if they don't want to buy themselves there is a good chance they could introduce you to someone who could be interested in buying your home.

Reaching out to property people on LinkedIn in your area will give your home more exposure and posting on LinkedIn groups will be useful to attract more attention from professionals either looking to buy or who can share the property with others.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Property buyers will not buy based on the figures alone, they want to see what the property

How to sell your property fast

looks like inside and out and what condition it is in. If you don't have any decent photos of the property then it will drag out the process and turn off any potential buyers.

If it is an overseas property buyer and they cannot be there for a physical viewing then photos and videos will help move them closer to making a quick decision to buy or move on to the next one. Some sellers are now using drone photography to capture the property and location from above for prospective buyers.

Good photography can help to sell a home fast!


Put a 'Home For Sale' Sign in the Window and Garden

how to sell your house fast

Putting a 'For Sale' sign in the window of the house or in the garden is still one of the best ways to promote your property, it lets people in the neighbourhood and passers by know that you are selling.

Maybe some of your neighbours know someone who wants to live in the area.

It will help your property get noticed and could result in a quick property sale.


Contact Local Estate Agents

Contact local estate agents, they will have the most knowledge of the property market in your area. They will normally know of prospective buyers who are looking for properties in the area and can often sell a home fast.

Agents will have the ability to advertise your property on the well-known property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and On the Market.

How to sell your house fast

Some agents will want to sign you up to an exclusive marketing agreement so that only they can find a buyer for you, this will usually safeguard their commission based on the work that they do to help find you a buyer.

To get maximum exposure it would make sense to be able to list with multiple agents as well as marketing yourself, it would be worth having that conversation with your agent to see if that is something that they would consider.


Contact Online Agents

how to sell your home fast

Online agents are becoming more common and are in fierce competition with the more traditional high street agents. Online agents might be cheaper than the high street agents though they may not be local.


Talk to Local Letting Agents and Property Managers

how to sell your house fast

If you think contacting a letting agent to find a buyer sounds strange then think again!

Letting agents and property managers manage properties for often hundreds of property investors. They are constantly in touch with landlords who already own portfolios of properties in your area. There is a good chance that those property investors may be looking to expand their portfolio and buy more homes. Talk to the local letting agents and property managers to find out if they can put you in touch with a potential property investor.


Take Your Property to Auction

Property auction companies can help sell your home fast.

Property investors can either go to the auction or bid online for the property. There are more and more property auction companies popping up so do some research to find out which one covers your area.


Reach out to an International Property Specialist

How to sell your home fast

Rather than just targeting local buyers widen the net and put your property out to a global audience of experienced property buyers.

An international property specialist is someone who deals in property in various markets around the world. They will often have large databases of property investors from different parts of the world who are always on the lookout for new property opportunities and have the ability to complete quickly letting you sell a home fast.


Don't Overprice

Do some research to find out what similar properties to yours are currently priced at.

Sites like Rightmove and Zoopla will display the price, when the property was first listed and if the price has been reduced. This will give you an idea of how the market looks.

how to sell your house fast

If you notice that properties are not selling fast then if you are able to you could drop your price under the competition to attract more potential buyers.

Another great tool for comparisons is to look at recent sold prices which you can find on Rightmove by entering your postcode.

Remember that even if you have put a lot of money into the house over a number of years it doesn't mean that a buyer is going to pay above what the market value is in the area.

Buyers are super educated and will look at the comparisons in the market before they make any offers.

If the property is priced lower than others in the vicinity then it will generate more enquiries and help to sell your house quicker.


Still Can't Sell my House?

If you have exhausted all avenues and still can't sell your house then it is time to look at other options. You could make the property terms more attractive and offer the property as a rent to own home. This is where the title will remain in your name until the full balance has

how to sell your home fast

been paid. Initially a price and term would be agreed for the property which would normally be higher than the current market value. The buyer makes monthly rental payments to you which reduces the balance month on month.

During the term the buyer would take on all costs and hassles associated with the property.

You would use a solicitor in the country where the property is located to prepare the contracts between buyer and seller.

Rent to own homes are very popular with property investors who find it an attractive way to add properties to their portfolios.

If you have any questions or other suggestions of to sell your home fast, fill in the contact form or find me on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.



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