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How to find sellers and negotiate spread the balance property deals

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June One to Ones are all now sold out.

Limited dates available for July & August 2024.


I am running one to one sessions for a limited time in June to show you how to find property sellers and negotiate spread the balance property deals with them.

These types of 'spread the balance deals' are our niche, we negotiate deals with sellers where the buyer can pay the price of the property over 10 to 15 years without paying any interest and without having to pay a deposit. 

You will have seen many of these types of deals that we have listed on and others that we send out to our email subscribers and on WhatsApp. 

We get enquiries from people every day asking how the deals work work because they only know the old traditional ways of buying properties by getting themselves into debt with mortgages, they are not familiar with this way of buying. 

By buying this way and spreading the balance out over 10 to 15 years you can avoid using mortgages completely. You have no interest to pay and no deposit to pay. Because you are not borrowing any money there are no credit checks involved. 


When you have negotiated the terms on a property you might decide to keep the property for yourself, it is an easy way to quickly grow a property portfolio without getting yourself into debt.

Alternatively you might decide to sell the deal onto an investor for a fee and make a business out of selling property deals. 

Or you might come to us with a deal that you have negotiated and we can then offer it to our subscribers who are looking for these types of property deals, this way we can make money together. 

Why learn from me?

  1. Expert Guidance: I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property industry worldwide, spread the balance deals are a niche of mine and it is one of the things I am known for in the industry, I will share the insights I have gained over the years. Most importantly I will show you how to do these types of deals from start to finish as well as putting you in touch with solicitors in various countries who specialise in these types of transactions. 

  2. Personalised Learning: Enjoy the advantages of one-to-one learning, tailored to you. 

  3. Real Success Stories: Check out my LinkedIn recommendations from some of my successful international property clients and watch the video testimonials it will give you an idea of what other people think that I have worked with. 

What You Will Learn:

  • No More Mortgages: Learn how to grow your own local and international property portfolio without using mortgages. 

  • No Money Down: Find out how you can buy properties without saving up for a deposit. 

  • You don't need to use your own money: Learn how to use other people's money to build your property portfolio.

  • Negotiation: Learn how to negotiate the best terms with property sellers, ensuring you secure the most lucrative deals for you and your clients.

The Benefits:

  • Grow your property portfolio.

  • Make money selling property deals.

  • Joint ventures.

Limited Dates Available. 

Who is looking at this opportunity:

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