The latest property hotspots in the UK from

The UK consisting of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales has long been recognised as a property hotspot by property investors from around the world. The UK is seen by many as a safe and secure property market as it is well established and has an excellent track record of growth. 

Investors have been attracted to the buoyant UK property market for decades due to the potential of significant capital appreciation and healthy rental yields. 

The UK is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, people immigrate to the UK for job opportunities, to be with families and to often improve their quality of life. This creates more demand for homes. 


The ever growing population in the UK means an ongoing demand for properties to be built. 

Towns and cities in the UK are rapidly increasing in size by building new homes and neighbourhoods to supply the ongoing demand and population. 

The UK is considered a global centre of excellence for education. Many families from other countries send their children to the UK to study abroad in some of the most sought after universities in the world.

Most students rent property in the UK while studying, this is good for landlords who are looking for rental income.

Buying a property close to colleges and universities is a popular choice for investors looking to take advantage of the high rental demand from the student population.

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