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Spanish property for sale by owner and by developer. 


Spain is one of the most popular property hotspots in the world, whether you are looking for an apartment for sale in Spain or a villa in Spain for sale then you will have a lot of things to consider in the ever popular Spanish property market. 

During your Spanish property search you should visit and research the areas that you are most interested in. Your Spanish property investment should be well thought through and time should be taken on deciding what to buy and where. Spend some time in the various areas where you are considering buying a Spanish property and talk to the locals and business owners to find out what the demand is like throughout the year. Some parts of Spain have business all year round while other parts are more seasonal. 

Millions of people from around the world flock to Spain looking for Spanish property for sale because they are drawn to the relaxed Spanish way of life and quality living. 

Why move to Spain?

Spain offers a great standard of modern living, the draw of the Mediterranean sunshine, beaches, sea, sports and tapas is a major attraction to holiday makers and property investors from around the world. 

Apartments and villas in Spain are popular with property buyers and the property hotspots are usually around coastal areas and major cities. There are many property opportunities from low cost properties to luxury villas with sea views. 

If you are looking for an apartment in Spain for sale then find out what the views are like from the window or balcony, does it have a sea view or is it looking onto another block of apartments? Sea views are always in higher demand. 

If you want a villa in Spain then decide if you want a finca in the countryside or perhaps a luxury villa close to the coast in a community with lots of amenities all around. Spain houses for sale tend to differ a lot based on the location whether inland which are usually more rustic compared to more flashy and luxurious in the touristy and established areas. 

If you simply want to buy to rent in Spain then there are certain locations that do better for short term rentals rather than long term rentals and vice versa, so check with local property managers to find out what the demand would be like. 

Spain rent to buy: 

The rent to buy program in Spain is continuing to grow more popular with both buyers and sellers alike. It gives the buyer the chance to try before they buy in some cases and offers the seller an exit strategy in what can often be an over supplied property market. 

Spain property rent to buy agreements have to be prepared by a qualified Spanish solicitor to ensure that both sides are protected. It always makes sense to use a solicitor who is experienced in rent to buy in Spain as they will tend to be more familiar with the legalities. 

The popular Golden Visa program in Spain lets foreigners gain residency through buying Spanish real estate. This program has been hugely advantageous to help other nationalities make the move to Spain.

(There are many Spanish lawyers and solicitors who can help you process your Spanish Golden Visa application.) 

Spanish property prices can vary dramatically even for two identical properties in the exact same location, this can usually be down to the fact that there could be a number of bank owned properties which could be on the market for a lot less than what a private seller might be trying to recoup for their property sale. 

If you have a Spain property for sale or are looking for properties for sale in Spain then please get in touch.

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