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Property Hotspots in the UAE

The latest property hotspots in Dubai and the UAE from

We work closely with all of the major property developers in Dubai and often have access to exclusive off-market limited stock. 

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al-Quwain. Most property buyers first choice will be Dubai.

Why invest in Dubai Property?

The Dubai property market is one of the fastest growing and most exciting in the world, the Dubai skyline is forever changing with the addition of new state of the art skyscrapers that sell out in record time when launched. 

Properties in Dubai are sleek, modern and of a high standard compared to many other parts of the world. 

As a result of the increasing Dubai population and Dubai holidays being more popular than ever luxury apartments and villas are being built to keep up with the demand from international property buyers who don't want to miss out on the opportunity. 

Dubai is THE FIRST place you should consider when buying an investment property. 

Is it a good time to invest in Dubai real estate? 

There has never been a better time to invest in Dubai property.

Dubai property prices are still relatively low compared to other major cities in the world like London, New York and Paris so rental yields and potential capital appreciation in Dubai are generally much more attractive. 

Many property developers in Dubai are currently offering unique post-handover payment plans which drive sales demand and let buyers invest without the need for a mortgage. If someone was looking for a Dubai property to let then they could alternatively consider something to buy on a post handover payment plan instead. 


What is the future of Dubai real estate? 

Dubai real estate developers are known for building quality and out-of-this-world apartments and villas, this will continue. They continue to outdo themselves and build more record breaking buildings. Dubai buildings are akin to something from a sci-fi movie and instantly recognisable as landmarks in Dubai.

Dubai property developers who have a track record of construction and building communities are continuing to do so and have became trusted household names.

There are more communities in Dubai earmarked for development along the coast and also inland. 

As the population and tourism grows so does the demand for property. 

Luxury Dubai:

Dubai has put itself firmly on the map and is known for offering a luxury lifestyle.

It is not only the homes in Dubai that are incredible, the malls in Dubai are filled with top designer brands and it is difficult to find Dubai hotels that don't not look like they have 5 stars. 

Online influencers in Dubai use the city as a backdrop when sharing photos or videos with their millions of followers the world over showcasing luxury living. Celebrities, sports stars and models from around the world have relocated to become Dubai influencers and have since bought homes in Dubai which they often share photos of on their social media pages. The Dubai weather lends itself nicely to photoshoots on a Dubai beach, in your luxury swimming pool, or on your balcony in Dubai Marina. The Dubai temperature is warm to hot all year round ranging from around 20°C in the winter to around 40°C at the height of summer. 

In the evening the Dubai temperature gets a little cooler and the city sparkles with lights from the many towering skyscrapers. In Dubai night time doesn't mean it is time to sleep, the malls in Dubai stay open late and people start getting dressed up to go our for dinner or to dance the night away in a Dubai night club. 

Dubai is a city with lots of entertainment all year round and everywhere indoors has air conditioning, so if you want a break from the sun there are lots of Dubai attractions to keep you entertained. 

Is Dubai expensive?

It doesn't have to be; if you are eating out there are Dubai restaurants and cafes for all budgets from sandwich shops to fine dining and award winning eateries.

If you are shopping for clothes you have all of the high street clothes shops as well as luxury shops and boutiques. 

There are an abundance of Dubai hotels to choose from to suit all budgets and hotel rooms are generally very large compared to hotel rooms in other major cities, before you complete a Dubai hotel booking make sure to check out the hotel comparison websites where you might find the same hotel a much better rate. 

Regarding Dubai real estate it very much depends what you are buying and where, there is a wide variety of properties for every budget from entry level studio apartments up to luxury penthouses and palatial beachfront mansions. 

Dubai's currency is Dirhams (AED) which is pegged to the US Dollar and is one of the most stable currencies in the world, you can work out the Dubai exchange rate before you decide to buy anything.  

There is something for every budget in Dubai from homes in new up and coming areas to some of the very best and well known property hotspots in Dubai. 


If you are a Dubai property developer, have a Dubai property for sale or are looking for properties for sale in Dubai then please get in touch.​

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