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Learn how to make £2,000 - £10,000 per property deal. 

Sourcing and deal packaging property is a clever and rewarding way to earn cash while not having to physically buy properties yourself. 

Being a landlord can be beneficial but imagine you could earn from property and not have to deal with tenants, void periods, repairs and property managers anymore? 

Deal packaging and sourcing is the answer. 

This is where you find attractive property deals and offer them to investors for a fee. 

The fees you charge are up to you and are usually decided on how attractive the deal is, they are generally anywhere from £2,000 to £10,000 per property. 

The two main ingredients in a successful deal packaging business are 'buyers' and 'sellers'. If you can source lots of good property deals and grow a database of property buyers then you have mastered it. You are the one in the middle who connects the two of them together and collects a fee for doing so. 

The great thing about sourcing and deal packaging is that there is no significant outlay to get started, you get paid straight away and don't have to wait to collect rental payments like you would do if you were a landlord. Many landlords have a side hustle as deal packagers or sourcers and use their earnings to buy more properties, it is a win-win for them. 

You can be a deal packager or sourcer along side your main job or you could do it full time, there is a never ending supply of properties both in the UK and overseas for you to source so the possibilities are endless. You can be a sourcer or deal packager from anywhere in the world, you do not need an office or staff to start up, you will need a phone, laptop and wifi for you to communicate with potential buyers and sellers. 

Becoming a great sourcer and deal packager can set you up for life, there are lots of people doing it who have taken the jump and have escaped the rat-race to replace their salaried income for a more rewarding lifestyle. 


A system that works!

We have over 20 years of experience in deal packaging and sourcing properties both in the UK and overseas, our tried and tested strategies work and we will share them with you. 

We will show you how to find and negotiate deals with motivated property sellers both in the UK and overseas giving you more assets to offer to your investors. We will then show you ways to grow a database of cash rich property buyers and investors who will want to buy your deals so that you can succeed on your own.

We will show you how to market yourself, your business and your deals so that both buyers and sellers use you as their go-to person. 

We have up to 50 different methods of sourcing property deals that we will share with you. 


For a limited time we will be offering our one-to-one coaching giving you direct access to the Property Hotspots team who will guide you through the process of becoming a successful deal packager and sourcer.


Our system is transparent, uncomplicated and repeatable, by showing you what to do step-by-step makes it simple to follow and enjoyable. 


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