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land for sale


Rarely available land plot for sale in Tobago.

Payable over 10 years.

No mortgage required. 

No interest payable. 

Asking price £53,843 GBP / 460K Trinidadian Dollars
Deposit £26,921 / 230K Trinidadian Dollars
Monthly instalments for 120 months: £257 / $2200 Trinidadian Dollars


1 plot of land in the hillside with panoramic sea views.
The size of the plot is 5000 sqft.

Amenities are close by. 

Great opportunity to buy and hold or buy then build a home. 


Located in the hillside just outside Scarborough - the capital of Tobago. 

5 minutes to Scarborough. 

7 minutes to the beach. 

10 minutes to Scarborough Botanical Gardens. 

20 minutes to Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort. 

20 minutes to Mount Irvine Beach - popular beach for surfing. 

20 minutes to Stonehaven Bay. 

25 minutes to ANR Robinson International Airport. 

30 minutes to the award winning Pigeon Point Beach.

30 minutes to Buccoo Reef. 

30 minutes to Nylon Pool. 

30 minutes to Castara Bay. 

35 minutes to Argyle Waterfalls. 

35 minutes to Tobago Cocoa Estate. 

50 minutes to Main Ridge Forest Reserve.

50 minutes to Parlatuvier Bay. 

1 hour to Pirates Bay. 

1 hour to Lover's Bay. 

Discovering the Jewel of the Caribbean: The Allure of Tobago

Nestled in the southernmost reaches of the Caribbean, Tobago remains one of the most enchanting, yet underappreciated, gems in the archipelago. A sister island to Trinidad, Tobago offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture, and an inviting tropical climate, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. With its burgeoning tourism sector, dynamic economy, and rich cultural tapestry, Tobago is not just a place to visit but a world to discover.

A Tropical Paradise for Every Traveler

Tobago's tourism industry thrives on its ability to offer something for everyone. From the pristine, golden sands of Pigeon Point to the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Englishman's Bay, the island's beaches are in a league of their own. But the allure of Tobago extends far beyond its shores. The Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, provides a haven for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Here, the air is filled with the calls of exotic birds, including the rare Tobago parrot, making it a premier destination for birdwatching.

The island's commitment to eco-tourism is evident in its numerous protected areas and the general ethos of its people towards conservation. This commitment ensures that Tobago remains a verdant paradise, offering visitors a chance to connect with nature in a profound and sustainable manner.

Basking in Eternal Summer

Tobago's weather is idyllic, characterized by a warm, tropical climate that graces the island with sunshine year-round. The temperature rarely strays far from a perfect 30°C (86°F), complemented by refreshing sea breezes. This perpetual summer makes Tobago an ideal getaway for those in colder climates, seeking refuge in its endless warmth and sunshine.

A Thriving, Diverse Economy

While tourism stands as a pivotal industry, Tobago's economy is multifaceted, with agriculture and an emerging sector in information technology contributing to its growth. The government's investment in sustainable practices and renewable energy sources speaks to a forward-thinking approach to economic development, ensuring that the island's natural resources are preserved for future generations.

Engage in Unforgettable Experiences

Tobago is a playground for the adventurous and the culturally curious. Diving enthusiasts flock to Buccoo Reef, a vibrant underwater spectacle, while surfers challenge the waves at Mount Irvine. For those looking to immerse themselves in local culture, Tobago's calendar is dotted with festivals, the most famous being the Tobago Heritage Festival. This event is a profound expression of the island's customs and traditions, offering insights into its African, Indian, European, and indigenous influences.

A Lifestyle That Captivates

Life in Tobago moves at a gentler pace. It's a place where community and hospitality are paramount, and the stresses of modern life seem to dissolve in the island's serene environment. The Tobagonian lifestyle, with its emphasis on living in harmony with nature, enjoying the simple pleasures, and valuing relationships, offers a compelling model of wellbeing and contentment.


A Mosaic of Culture and Heritage

Tobago's culture is a vibrant tapestry woven from its diverse history. The island's cuisine, music, dance, and art reflect a blend of influences, creating a rich cultural experience. From the tantalising flavours to the pulsating rhythms of calypso and soca, Tobago celebrates its heritage with pride and joy.


Tobago, with its stunning landscapes, warm climate, thriving economy, and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique and enriching experience for all who visit. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Tobago invites you to explore its wonders. Beyond its beauty and attractions, it's the warmth and spirit of its people that capture the hearts of travellers, making Tobago not just a destination but a home away from home. Discover Tobago, and let it transform your perception of paradise.

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