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County kilkenny

6 bedroom house.

Spread the balance over 15 years.

No mortgage required.

No interest payable

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County Kilkenny

Spread the balance over 15 years. 

No mortgage required.

No interest payable. 

Priced at €500,000 and payable over 15 years at €2,777 per month. 

6 bedroom house in County Kilkenny, Ireland. 

About the property: 

  • 6 bedrooms

  • 4 bathrooms

  • Brand new kitchen, needs completing.

  • 3/4 acre site

  • Block boundary wall round perimeter of site.

  • 5,500 sq ft

  • 10 minutes to Waterford City. 


Located in the village of Mullinavat in County Kilkenny.

Mullinavat is a small village located in the southeastern part of County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is situated on the banks of the River Suir and is surrounded by picturesque countryside. The village has a population of approximately 800 people, and its economy is primarily focused on agriculture, tourism, and small businesses. 

Agriculture is a significant contributor to the local economy in Mullinavat, with many local farmers producing crops such as wheat, barley, and potatoes.

Tourism is an important part of the local economy, with visitors attracted to the area's natural beauty and historical landmarks. Mullinavat is located near several popular tourist attractions, including the historic Kilkenny Castle and the beautiful Mount Juliet Estate. Visitors can also enjoy scenic walks and hikes in the nearby Woodstock Gardens and the Nore Valley.

In addition to agriculture and tourism, small businesses play a vital role in Mullinavat's economy. Local shops and businesses provide goods and services to the community, including groceries, hardware, and car repairs. Many of these small businesses are family-owned and have been operating in the area for generations.

Overall, while Mullinavat's economy may be small, it is diverse and dynamic. The village's reliance on agriculture, tourism, and small businesses has helped it weather economic challenges in the past, and it continues to provide a strong foundation for the local community.

The name Mullinavat comes from the Irish language, which translates to "the summit of the cat". Legend has it that a large wildcat used to roam the area, and its lair was located on a nearby hill. Over time, the name evolved to become Mullinavat.

One of the most notable landmarks in Mullinavat is the 13th-century church ruins of the Church of St. Beacon. This church was built on the site of an earlier 6th-century monastic settlement and is now a protected national monument. Visitors to the area can explore the ruins and learn about the rich history of the region.

Mullinavat is also home to a number of sports clubs, including a Gaelic football club and a hurling club. The local GAA grounds, named Tom Walsh Park, are a hub of activity during the summer months when matches and events are held.

The village has a strong sense of community, and there are a number of local businesses, including shops, pubs, and restaurants. Every year, Mullinavat hosts a number of events, including a summer festival and a Christmas fair.

Overall, Mullinavat is a charming village with a rich history and a strong community spirit. Its beautiful countryside, historic landmarks, and lively events make it a great destination for visitors to County Kilkenny.


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