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One to One Fast Track Consultation

How to find and buy your own properties without using mortgages or agents.

Pay the properties over 5 to 20 years.

We have been doing property deals like this for years and there has never been a better time to do it for yourself!

Too good to be true?
As you know we have been doing 'spread the balance' type property deals all over the world for years. 

Curious property investors contact us every day asking us how we do it, they think that it's too good to be true. 

They are skeptical and have been conditioned to believe that there is only one way to buy a property - by going to a bank and applying for a mortgage. 

That is fine if you like applying for mortgages, paying large deposits and interest to a bank for decades, but who wants to do that

Instead of buying the traditional way you can learn how to do seller financing deals without using mortgages and save yourself a fortune:

  • No more agency fees

  • No more deposits

  • No more interest 


Create opportunities for yourself:

There are always lots of hot property deals floating around, you just need to know how to find them.

If you can find deals for yourself it will save you a fortune in fees - no more paying sourcing fees or agency fees. 

By saving yourself on fees you should be able to buy more deals for yourself and build your portfolio quicker. 

Find property deals in the areas where you want them:

Why wait forever on the off chance that an agent or sourcer sends you a hot property deal in the place you have always wanted to buy?

It's never going to happen. 

Instead learn how to target your key locations yourself and go out and get what you want. 

Get the types of homes you are looking for: 

Been offered a 1 bedroom apartment when you want a 6 bedroom house? 

Target the types of properties that you are looking for without wasting your time. 

Negotiate the best terms:
Not sure what to say to a seller?

Negotiating is key to getting the deal that you want.

Not everyone will say yes to you, however if you know how to present an opportunity that works for both buyer and seller then you will eventually start getting the deals that you want. 

What about the legals?:

You have to make sure that you hire a solicitor who knows what they are doing and is experienced in these types of agreements. 

A good and experienced solicitor will make sure your interests are protected. 

You don't want to appoint a solicitor with no experience in this field. 

How to do it?

Book a One-to-One Fast Track Consultation at the bottom of this page and we will show you the methods we personally use to find these types of deals so that you can do it for yourself. 

It is not rocket-science and it really is quite simple for you to follow.


Why learn from us?

We are leaders in seller financing property deals internationally and have helped property investors from all over the world get onto the property ladder and grow their portfolios in and out of recessions.

You can read their reviews on the Testimonials page and the recommendations on LinkedIn.

We share 20+ years of experience and proven step-by-step processes that work, saving you years of time and helping you avoid potential mistakes along the way.

What will be covered in the consultation?

  • How spread the balance seller financing deals work and how you can find them without using agents - saving you a fortune in fees.

  • Prospecting – how and where you can find properties, buyers and sellers for spread the balance deals.

  • How you can research and find motivated sellers in your area, UK wide and overseas.

  • How you can make motivated sellers come to you.

  • How you can find spread the balance deals and and sell them on to investors for a fee.

Negotiating – how you can negotiate the best price and terms with sellers for spread the balance deals.

  • Scripts - What you say to sellers and how you say it.

  • How you can handle objections.

  • How you can negotiate the best price with sellers.

  • How you can buy without using mortgages.

  • How you can buy without a deposit.

  • How you can buy without credit checks.

  • How you can buy without paying interest.

  • Effective ways for you to negotiate with potential buyers and sellers.


  • How to complete and get in touch with experienced solicitors. 


  • Emails and letters that we personally use for spread the balance deals that you can use yourself.

Joint Venture

  • Joint Venture with us - found a deal that you don't want?
    Lets see if we can do something with it and  we can split the commission - it's a win-win.

To book your one-to-one contact us today and we will be in touch within 24 hours to set a date and time.

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