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Buy one or buy all five.

Payable over 7 years.

No mortgage required.

Portfolio of 5 two bedroom properties.

Each property is priced at £60,000 and payable over 7 years at only £714 per month per property.

Use the rental income to help you pay off the balance.

Only 3 remaining!

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Buy one or buy all five.

5 two bedroom maisonettes.

Each property is priced at £60,000 and payable over 7 years at only £714 per month per property. 

No mortgage required.

No deposit required. 

Each property could rent out for up to £500 per month.  

Use the rental income to help you pay off the balance. 

Property 1: 

Rented for £350 per month.

Property 2: 

Rented for £350 per month. 

Property 3: 

Rented for £350 per. month. 

Property 4: 

Rented for £300 per month. 

Property 5: 

Rented for £400 per month.

The maisonettes are all in the one block. 

2 bedrooms. 

1 bathrooms. 

Gas Central heating.

Lower floor: entrance, hallway, living room and kitchen.

Upper floor: 2 bedrooms and bathroom.


The flats are located in the town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders.​

​Close to all of the town centre amenities, businesses, shops, supermarkets, bars, cafes, restaurants and leisure.

3 minutes to Teviotdale Leisure Centre.

5 minutes to The Borders Distillery. 

5 minutes to Borders Textile Towerhouse. 

7 minutes to Wilton Lodge Park. 

7 minutes to Hawick Museum. 

7 minutes from Hawick Golf Club.

25 minutes to the town of Galashiels.

50 minutes to Gretna Green. 

1 hour to Carlisle.

1 hour 15 minutes to Edinburgh.

1 hour 20 minutes to Newcastle. 

1 hour 55 minutes to Glasgow.

About Hawick: 

Hawick is a beautiful town in the Scottish Borders that offers a unique opportunity for property investors. With a vibrant town centre and excellent transport links, it is an ideal location for those looking to expand their portfolio. The town also has a growing rental market, so investors can benefit from strong rental yields.


The cost of buying a property in Hawick is also competitive. It is generally cheaper than in nearby towns and cities, meaning you can get more for your money.


The location of Hawick is also appealing for investors. It is close to cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, and just a short drive away from some of Scotland’s top tourist attractions. This makes it an ideal base for those looking to rent out their property to holidaymakers.


Finally, there is a strong local infrastructure in Hawick. There are a number of schools, shops, supermarkets and healthcare facilities, making it an attractive place to live.


Overall, Hawick is an ideal location for property investors. With its competitive prices, diverse range of properties and great location, it is an attractive option for those looking to invest in UK properties. 


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