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3 bedroom flat

3 bedroom property payable over 5 years. 

No mortgage required. 

Only £600 per month. 

Could rent for £549 per month based on LHA rates.

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no mortgage

Pay the balance over 5 years.


Spacious 3 bedroom



High rental location popular with tenants.


Town centre location close to amenties.

Spread the balance over 5 years. 

No mortgage required. 

No interest payable. 

No deposit required. 

3 bedroom flat in Campbeltown. 

Priced at only £36,000. 

Payable over 60 months at £600 per month. 

Short term 3 bedroom flats in the town rent for around £95 per night. 

Could rent out for up to £549 per month long term based on LHA rates. 

Freehold spacious property with fitted kitchen. 

Located in the centre of Campbeltown next to the town centre amenities and tourist at

1 minute walk to the Linda McCartney Memorial Garden.

4 minute walk to Campbeltown Ferry Terminal.

5 minute walk to Campbeltown Hospital. 

7 minute walk to Glengyle Distillery. 

7 minute walk to Springbank Distillery. 

10 minute walk to Glen Scotia Distillery. 

5 minute drive to Campbeltown Airport. 

9 minute drive to Machrihanish Golf Club. 

15 minute to Dunaverty Golf Club. 

30 minute drive to Carradale Golf Club.

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